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Apply for a gun permit?

Apply for Record Restriction/Expungement?

To apply for record restriction, you must first contact the Clerk of Courts office and obtain a copy of your Disposition. Then you will need to reach out to the agency where your case originated (ex: Hall County Sheriff’s Department, Gainesville Police Department, Dawson County Sheriff’s Department, etc).

File an Open Records Request?

For more information about Hall County open records, please click here.

For more information about Dawson County open records, please click here.

File for divorce?

You will need to reach out to an attorney to obtain legal advice. If you cannot afford an attorney or if you would like to file for divorce on your own, you may reach out to our Family Law Information Center. They may be able to assist you.

File or obtain a copy of my deed or plat?

Contact your county's clerk of courts office.

Find out how much my ticket is going to cost?

Please allow around three weeks for your citation information to be received, then contact your county's clerk of courts office.

Find out my court date?

For Hall County charges you will need to contact the Solicitor’s Office at 770-531-7012 for Misdemeanors or the District Attorney at 770-531-6965 for Felonies. For Dawson County charges, call 706-344-3620.

Find out what’s going on with my case?

Your attorney, whether privately secured or appointed by the courts, is your best option for obtaining information.

Find out where to go for jury duty?

Please visit our Jury Duty page.

Get a court appointed attorney?

An application must be completed with the Indigent Defense Office. Please contact them to see if you qualify.

Get custody of my children?

You will need to reach out to an attorney to obtain legal advice. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may contact our Family Law Information Center and they may be able to assist you.

Get my charges dropped or have charges dropped that I filed against someone else?

The ultimate decision about charges remains with the courts. However, input from victims may sometimes be considered.

Get my court date rescheduled?

For Hall County dates, contact the Solicitor’s Office at 770-531-7012 for Misdemeanor charges or the District Attorney at 770-531-6965 for Felony Charges. For Dawson County dates, call 706-344-3620.

Have my Last Will and Testament recorded?

Have someone evicted or get information on an eviction notice I received?

How are Superior Court Judges assigned to a death penalty case?

Judges are randomly assigned to cases in which the death penalty is being sought. To read more about the assignment procedure, click here

Know that my court appointed attorney is qualified and will represent me well?

Court appointed attorneys have the same qualifications and experience as any privately hired attorney might have. Rest assured that your case is being handled by a competent and educated lawyer. The NEJC prides itself on a having a reputation for attracting highly skilled individuals and for being selective in its hiring process.

Obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

Obtain a marriage license?

Obtain a temporary protective order?

You will need to speak with a Legal Advocate.

Obtain legal advice?

Finding a lawyer is your most advisable option. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court can assist you with your options. You may contact our Indigent Defense department to apply for a court appointed attorney or contact our Family Law Information Center for answers to general questions. Additionally, the NEJC offers access to two Law Libraries featuring access to many different legal sites and reference materials.

Pay a citation?

Hall County citations may be paid by calling 1-800-262-0128. For Dawson County citations, call 706-344-3580.

Report someone violating their bond?

Please visit our Pretrial page.

Submit a background check for my adoption?

To learn more about obtaining or submitting a background check for adoption, please click here.

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