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Hall County Superior Court Judges recently signed an order mandating electronic filing in all civil cases.

FLIC is working to help make the transition as smooth as possible for pro se (unrepresented) litigants, but you should anticipate some additional steps and time commitment for filing during the transition.

In short, this means you will be responsible for uploading your documents to an online system (PeachCourt) AFTER you meet with FLIC. Here is what you can do before your appointment:

1. Register for a PeachCourt account (you will need an email address to do this). You can register from any device with web access (RECOMMENDED PRIOR TO YOUR FLIC APPOINTMENT) at Registration is FREE.

2. Handwrite your email address on the signature pages of all of your court documents (use the same email address you plan to use when you register for PeachCourt). The other party will see your email address, so do not use an email address that is confidential.

3. After your appointment with FLIC, you can either e-file from a personal computer for an additional fee assessed by PeachCourt (requires scanning and uploading PDFs) OR you can use the free Public Access Terminal in the Clerk of Courts office (ground floor of the Hall County Courthouse). Filing and service fees still apply.

Click here to view the eFiling Standing Order.

Click here for eFiling instructions.


Services Offered

The Northeastern Judicial Circuit Family Law Information Center (FLIC) provides assistance to individuals filing in or living in Hall and Dawson Counties who plan to represent themselves in divorce or legitimation cases. FLIC also has resources and information for other family law matters.

(*Note: All of the information listed on this site is referred to as “Self Help” information. As with all legal matters, it is strongly recommended that you obtain the services of an attorney. Any mistakes, whether intentionally or inadvertently made, can have very serious and costly consequences for both you and your family members.)

Divorce & Legitimation

FLIC offers free, limited help to people representing themselves in divorce or legitimation actions. Before filing your divorce or legitimation, it is strongly recommended you get the advice or representation of a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, and you must represent yourself, call FLIC for assistance.

Some Important Things to Remember:
In Hall and Dawson Counties, if you are representing yourself in a divorce, the Judge’s office will not give you a final hearing date until you have had your paperwork reviewed by a FLIC staff member. Limited exceptions apply. Click here for the Hall County Administrative Order.  Click here for the Dawson County Administrative Order.

Getting an Appointment:

  • Appointments are FREE. However, they must be scheduled in advance in order to allow sufficient time to review your information.
  • Appointments are available only to individuals who live in Hall or Dawson County or are eligible to file in Hall or Dawson County.
  • Be sure to call the office to schedule your appointment and to find out more about the required paperwork and filing fees.
  • To obtain an appointment with a member of the FLIC Review Staff, you will need to complete and return an Appointment Request Form This can be accessed by visiting our Forms and Links tab.
  • To obtain an appointment with a FLIC Attorney, you will need to complete additional consultation paperwork and qualify financially along with the Appointment Request Form.
  • Being thorough and complete in your paperwork is important for speedy processing, as wait times for appointments can be lengthy.
  • Completed Appointment Request Forms can be emailed to nejcflic [at] or returned in person at the Hall County Courthouse FLIC office on the 3rd Floor.
  • Once your form(s) has been received, you will be contacted with instructions and an appointment time.