Pretrial Services

About the Program

The Pretrial Services Program has been in operation since November 1998. This program is designed to reduce the pre-adjudication jail population by providing an alternative to incarceration. Defendants released on pretrial supervision are required to follow the conditions of their release order. Release of eligible defendants prior to adjudication helps ease the financial burden of incarceration to Hall and Dawson taxpayers while insuring the risk to the community is minimized.

Assessment to Determine Eligibility

Pretrial Officers conduct reviews of the detention center for defendants that may be eligible for release. If a defendant is an appropriate candidate, then a bond order detailing the conditions of release is prepared and submitted to the corresponding Superior Court Judge for consideration. This Judge reviews the recommended conditions and makes a final determination. Should the order be signed, the defendant is released to be supervised by Pretrial Services.During their supervision, a defendant will work with their assigned officer to ensure accountability to the orders of the court.

Staff Contacts

(770) 297-2314

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a defendant who I believe is violating the bond order?

If there is a life-threatening situation, please dial 911. For all other concerns, please call 770-297-2314 and a Pretrial Officer will assist in directing you to the proper authorities.

How much does Pretrial cost?

There is no supervision fee associated with Pretrial. However, defendants may be expected to pay fees for counseling services, drug screens and/or electronic monitoring.

I received a letter from the Pretrial Office in the mail. What does this mean?

This means that Pretrial supervision is a condition of your bond/bail order. If the letter includes an appointment date and time, please make arrangements to report as directed. For questions or concerns, please call the Pretrial Office.

I’m a defendant that has been released. What do I do now?

Please call the office at 770-297-2314 for reporting instructions and directions.

Who do I call for Electronic Monitoring/GPS placement?

Please call the Pretrial Office and you will be directed to an approved GPS provider.

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