Remote Video Proceedings


Although the vast majority of court proceedings are conducted in person, at either of the two county courthouses, there are some non-jury proceedings that may occur wholly by remote video conference. The Northeastern Circuit uses Zoom to conduct these hearings and, in compliance with federal and state constitutional requirements, remote hearings are open to the public. In compliance with Uniform Superior Court Rule 9.2, notice is hereby given that remote proceedings shall be regularly held on the schedule provided below. If you wish to view the proceedings, please contact Court Administration at 770-532-1895. If you are a party to the proceeding and wish to make an objection to the use of remote technology, please contact the judge assigned to your case so that the court may sustain or overrule your objection prior to conducting the proceeding.


  1. Every Tuesday — Starting at 9:00 AM
    1. Criminal Hearings
  2. Every 3rd Tuesday — Starting at 9:00 AM
    1. Domestic - Child Support
  3. Every Wednesday — Starting at 9:00 AM
    1. TPOs
    2. ProSe Domestic Hearings
  4. Every Thursday — Starting at 9:00 AM
    1. General Hearings