Drug Court


As the first accountability court program in Hall County, Drug Court began in 2001 to provide early intervention to those with substance abuse issues. The intensive program is a minimum of 24 months in duration, and it encompasses vocational, educational, and spiritual components in conjunction with providing substance abuse treatment.

This voluntary program is a minimum two-year program and is a combination of post-plea, pre-sentence and post-adjudication depending on the offender’s criminal history and current charge. It encompasses vocational, educational, and spiritual components in conjunction with providing substance abuse treatment. Offenders who meet clinical criteria for a moderate to severe substance use disorder and qualify as high-risk/need based on validated, standardized assessment tools can qualify for the Alpha Track. Offenders who meet clinical criteria for moderate substance use disorder and qualify as moderate-risk/need can qualify for the Bravo Track. Offenders qualifying for a similar risk/need but are aged 17-25 are placed in the Charlie Track. Staff counselors using evidenced-based treatment primarily conduct treatment in-house. 

Eligibility and Disqualification Criteria

Persons aged 18 and older arrested on drug charges must meet certain legal criteria to be considered a candidate for Drug Court. In addition to maintaining a residence in Hall County, such persons must be facing a charge of one of the following offenses:

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute of Controlled Substance (where drug use is a contributing factor)
  • Prescription drug offenses/Obtain Controlled Substance by Fraud, Theft, Forgery (or attempt to obtain)
  • Property crimes

Persons currently on Felony Probation and who are facing revocation due to noncompliance with probation conditions or have received a new offense must meet certain legal criteria to be considered for enrollment. Such persons must be deemed legally appropriate by the District Attorney’s office based on nature of offense and past criminal history.

Certain legal factors may exclude one from being eligible for the Drug Court program. These factors include:

  • Prior felony convictions (candidate may have no more than one felony conviction)
  • A severe physical or mental handicap that would prevent program participation, though an appropriate referral must be made
  • Conviction of any felony violent offense or sexual offense
  • Illegal alien status
  • Felony firearm charges (an individual may reapply at a later date if charges are reduced)
  • Sex offenders
  • Individuals with any gang affiliation
  • Current felony charge of a more serious nature than drug charge
  • Pending felony charges in other jurisdictions

Referral Information

Referrals for Drug Court participation come from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the Gainesville Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the Hall County Detention Center, private defense attorneys, and other accountability court programs. The referral form is in the Supporting Documents section below.


“After my arrest, I told my attorney I needed treatment and was able to enter the Drug Court program. I found that the structure and support of this program help people to become better versions of themselves. I now have over two years clean, have a great career path with support from my supervisors, and have rebuilt trust with my family. I’ve learned that recovery is possible and if I can quit for today, I can quit for a lifetime.” — K.A.

Important Phone Numbers

Hal Walker
Defense Attorney
(678) 897-7713

Rob McNeill
Public Defender’s Office
(770) 718-5523

Jake Shapiro
Public Defender’s Office
(770) 718-5523

Bryson Hunt
(470) 623-9229


Staff Contacts

Case Manager
Lead Counselor
Case Manager
Presiding Judge - Bravo and Charlie Tracks
Presiding Judge - Alpha Track
Intake Specialist
Lead Case Manager