Northeastern Judicial Circuit

About the Northeastern Judicial Circuit

The State of Georgia is home to ten Judicial Districts and 50 Judicial Circuits. The Northeastern Judicial Circuit (NEJC) is part of the Ninth Judicial Administrative District, serves Dawson and Hall Counties, and is comprised of five Superior Court Judges.

Superior Court is Georgia’s general jurisdiction trial court, handling both civil and criminal law actions. It has exclusive authority over felony cases, as well as matters involving divorce, equity, land titles, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, and certain others. It also frequently hears cases involving misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, adoptions and child custody. Superior Court judges may be called upon to review decisions issued by executive agencies or local governments, as well as hear any appeal from a probate, magistrate, or municipal court judgment.

Under the Georgia Constitution, the Superior Court is a part of the judicial branch of state government and is not a department of the local county government. State law, however, makes each county responsible for most of the operating expenses of their Superior Court.

The goal of the Northeastern Judicial Circuit and its Superior Court Judges is to provide a safe, fair court system in which its citizens can place their trust and confidence.


Superior Court Judges (2023)

Superior Court Judges

Judge Jason J. Deal
Jason J. Deal Chief Judge (770) 531-6996
Judge Kathlene F. Gosselin
Kathlene F. Gosselin Judge (770) 531-6990
Judge Bonnie Chessher Oliver
Bonnie Chessher Oliver Judge (770) 297-2333
Judge Clint G. Bearden
Clint G. Bearden Judge (770) 538-5399
Judge Lindsay H. Burton
Lindsay H. Burton Judge (770) 531-6862