Recent News

Chief Judge Kathlene F. Gosselin was elected as Chair of the Council of Accountability Courts and recently began her one-year term of service on July 1, 2019. Having had 15 years of experience presiding over a mental health court and 5 years of experience with veteran’s court, Judge Gosselin considers it an honor to be able to serve in this capacity. Her election as Chair to this state-wide council comes after serving as the mental health court representative on the Executive Committee for three years (the initial three years of the Council’s formation), the Funding Chair for the last four years (overseeing grants to all the accountability courts in the State), and as Vice-Chair last year.

Superior Court Judge Jason J. Deal’s Drug Court was recently named as a “Model Court” by the Council of Accountability Courts. This state-wide honor recognizes the great work of accountability courts all across Georgia that have met and exceeded adherence to Georgia’s Standards as dictated by strong performance on certification and peer review processes.