Interpretive Services

About the Program

This information provides guidance to those individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) on how to obtain the language support necessary to navigate our legal system as provided by Federal law, so individuals with LEP will not be missing all the necessary and important information regarding court procedures.

Attorneys and legal advocates in general also can use this information when the services of an Interpreter are required during court appearances and other legal matters.

This information intends to ensure that support to the Judges, Attorneys, and Litigants, as well as those individuals with LEP, and the hearing impaired are available, and to ensure they have the proper assistance during all legal procedures.

Our Interpretive Services encompass a wide range of languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, French, and many more. However, to secure an interpreter for a particular procedure or court, an advance notice is required to ensure that the proper scheduling takes place.

Interpreter Request Form

To request an interpreter, please click here.

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Physical Address:
Hall County Courthouse
225 Green Street, SE
2nd Floor
Gainesville, GA 30501



*Individuals needing interpretive services in Dawson County must contact the Hall County office at the address and phone number listed above.