Hall County Clerk of Court

About the Program

The Clerk of Court is an elected position serving Superior and State Courts. The Clerk of Superior Court was established by the Constitution of the State of Georgia and is one of four constitutional officers which include the sheriff, the tax commissioner, and the probate judge. The clerk's duties are statutory in nature and are found throughout the Official Code of Georgia. In addition, the clerk has an obligation to follow the court rules for each court they may serve.

General Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerk's Office include:

  • Deed and plat recording
  • Transfer tax and intangible tax collection
  • UCC and lien recording
  • Military discharge recording
  • Civil case filings including domestic matters, adoptions, and garnishments
  • Criminal case filings including felonies and misdemeanors
  • Traffic violations case filings
  • Appeals to Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  • Notary public appointments
  • Trade name registration
  • Records management
  • Fine and fee collection and disbursement
  • Court registry management

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate

How do I get a copy of my ownership or deed?

You may come to the Real Estate Division, located in the courthouse annex at 116 Spring Street, S.E., Gainesville GA 30501 and provide information as to the year you acquired your property, and in what name, and we will assist you in finding the document and make copies for you for a fee ($.50 per page). If you have the Book and Page where the document is recorded, you may provide the information along with copy fees by mail ($1.00 per page), and we will mail your copy to you. You can also access all recorded deeds, liens, plats and UCC’s online at gsccca.org which is the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority’s website. There is a fee to access the website and a $.50 charge for each copy printed.

Where do I file my deed?

Hall County property records are filed in our Real Estate Division. All filing fees must be paid at the time of recording which would also include any applicable tax (Transfer Tax for ownerships, Intangible Tax for loans).

How do I draw up a deed or how do I change ownership?

We suggest you speak to an attorney, or someone who is skilled in the law, to guide you through this process. This office is not trained or allowed to provide legal guidance.

How do I file my Plat or get a copy of a Plat?

All Plats are filed electronically through the State portal at gsccca.org. We suggest you ask the Surveyor that drew your plat. The Surveyor has access and credentials to file plats through the State. You may file the plat yourself, but you will need to register with the State, and then record the plat after you are given acceptance/approval to file. For copies: we can assist in retrieving your copy if you have your book and page number. We file by year and the name of the person that is listed on the plat (which may not be the current owner). Plats are not required by law to be recorded. So not all plats are found here.

Can I place a lien on someone?

The term “lien” refers to a wide range of encumbrances. Liens are filed on the General Execution and Lien Docket. The Real Estate division does not prepare liens or provide forms or guidance.

Traffic Violations Division

I would like to pay my ticket-can I do that over the phone with you?

No, it is an outside payment provider, phone number 1-800-262-0128

I just received my ticket, do you know how much it is going to be?

Please allow at least 3 weeks for our office to receive the citation to find out the fine amount.

I have court today and I am not going to make it. Can I get my court date rescheduled?

You would need to contact the solicitor’s office.

Can I get my charge and/or fine reduced? Can I take a defensive driver’s course?

You would need to contact the solicitor’s office.

Do you offer payment plans?

You would need to attend your court date.

Civil Division

Where do I get a restraining order?

Legal Advocates office on the 4th floor.

How do I take someone to court if they owe me money for work I did for them?

If the claim is for $15,000 or less, it’s considered “Small Claims,” and you would do that in Magistrate Court.  They have forms you can use for the claim.  If it’s more than $15,000, you can file with us in State or Superior Court, but we don’t have forms, and it’s up to you to provide everything needed for the filing.

How can I file for a divorce on my own?

We have divorce packets in our office that you can purchase. They range from $10 to $20, depending on your particular situation. You will then need to make an appointment with the Family Law Center on the third floor of this building. They will assist you with the paperwork and answer your questions as you fill it out. You bring it back to our office after it’s all filled out to file it with the court. The cost is $215, plus and extra $50 if you need to have the other party served by the Sheriff’s Office. You can also find the divorce packets on our website and print out the one that applies to you, thus saving yourself that cost.

How to get custody of children?

You would need to talk to an attorney or research it online at the larger counties’ website for the appropriate forms for a Petition for Custody.

Where do I get a marriage license?

Probate Court

Criminal Division

When is my court date or can I change my court date?

You will need to contact the Solicitor’s Office at (770) 531-7012 for Misdemeanor charges or the District Attorney at (770) 531-6965 for Felony charges.

How do I get a copy of my disposition?

You may submit a Records Request either in person, by fax or by email.  Any record prior to 2004 or being scanned will take time to retrieve from archives in order for copies to be made.  Requests may take up to a week to process depending on numbers of cases being requested and the age of the case. Copies are $.50 per page.  Certification/Seal is $2.00.  You may fax in your request to (770) 531-7070 attention Misty Murphy, Criminal Records Clerk or by email to Misty at mimurphy@hallcounty.org.  An invoice will be sent stating the amount owed to our office.  Payment must be received prior to records being mailed to requestor.

Can I pay my fine or Failure to Appear over the phone?

No.  All FTA cases (no show for Traffic Arraignment) have to be paid in person with cash, money order, cashier’s check or debit/credit card or by mail with a money order or cashier’s check to Attention Charles Baker, Clerk at PO Box 1275 Gainesville, GA  30503.  If paying in person with debit/credit card, you will need to have ID to match the name listed on the card.  Your license will suspend 28 days after FTA is submitted to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  Once in FTA status, there is an additional $82.50 fee added.  All misdemeanor cases are court appearance only unless otherwise stated by the Solicitor’s Office and those are subject to Bench Warrants in addition to a FTA.

How can I get a copy of my criminal record (background)?

You will have to request your criminal background from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office located on Browns Bridge Road. 

How can I have my record restricted (aka expunged)?

You will need to receive a copy of your disposition from our office then apply for the record restriction with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office located on Browns Bridge Road.

How can I have someone evicted from my property?

Evictions are handled by Magistrate Court (770) 531-6912

How do I apply for a gun permit?

Gun permit applications are held with Probate Court. (770) 531-6921.

Where can I file my Will?

Wills are handled by Probate Court.  (770) 531-6921.

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