Attorney Information

Courtroom Equipment

Our Jury Trial courtrooms are equipped with an audio visual courtroom evidence presentation system that allows attorneys to use the central podium to display physical documents or photographs, DVD videos, or even connect their laptop to display whatever they need.

Central Podium/Evidence Presentation System

Many of our courtrooms feature a document camera which can be used to display an object to your audience. The document camera will allow you to magnify and project the image of a three-dimensional object, document, or photograph onto one of our video monitors.

Most courtrooms also have, or offer access to, a Blu-Ray Player which has the capability to accept both regular DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

Additionally, you will find hookups in our courtrooms which allow you to connect your laptop computer to our evidence presentation system. Our system currently accepts, HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA and audio cables. If your computer does not have the standard outputs listed above, you will need to bring your own adapter to connect to the presentation system. You may connect the standard 3.5mm audio/headphone cable to your laptop to output audio or even connect it to a digital audio recorder for playback.

Video Display Devices

In each courtroom you will find various monitors which have the capability to display evidence in conjunction with our evidence display system. You will find monitors on the judge’s bench, in or near the witness box, in or near the jury box, and/or on a main wall for gallery, attorney, and client viewing.

Audio Equipment

Our judges, witness stands, and attorney tables are equipped with table microphones. These desk top microphones contain a privacy mute button that can be pressed and held to prevent sound transmission to speakers and recording devices.

Our podiums and jury microphones are equipped with a “gooseneck” style microphone so that they can be adjusted and directed towards a speaker if needed.

Many of our courtrooms also offer a wireless microphone system. Should you need one, please place your request with the judge’s office.